1. Do I have to pay to register to be a writer in this site?

There are no registration fees for you to qualify as a writer in our company. The registration is free of charge.

  1. What are writer’s duties?

You are required to write professionally and accurately essays, reports, literature reviews, and speeches, and conduct research, in different disciplines. For each assignment, you must note specific requirements and ensure that they are followed to the latter. All papers differ in academic level and deadline thus you should complete you assignments as per the instructions given.

  1. How long does the registration take?

 Our registration process usually takes 7-10 days.

  1. What are the steps for registration?
  •  You fill in the registration form provided
  • You receive will receive a confirmation link from us on your email
  • You fill in the CV form (includes uploading a photo of you and also the scanned copy of your ID for identity proof)
  • You add your phone number
  • You receive a topic for sample work and write a sample essay
  • Your sample work is checked
  • On its approval, you become a writer and can start writing immediately.

Note: Our qualified editor evaluates your sample work according to our writing standards and rules. We hold the rights to reject an applicant who does not meet our requirements. Each candidate gets an email notification with the decision of our committee, which cannot be discussed or changed. All the applicants have a chance to reapply in 2 months after an unsuccessful registration.

  1. Is there probations period for writers?

Writers pass through a probation period of 1 month during which their performance is monitored and evaluated keenly. If we are satisfied with the work, you submit we will make you a full time writer who can take on any job they want.

  1. What is an average payment?

Payment per order depends on number of pages, deadline, and academic level. The price per page can vary from 200shs to 300shs.

  1. How often are writers paid?

Our writers are paid twice a month: on the 5th and the 18th. The payment period is 5 days long.

  1. How do I receive my payment?

We use the following payment methods: Mpesa, Cheque, Wire transfer, & Cash issued by our company.

  1. Are there bonuses?

Yes. If you demonstrate a high working performance, you can earn an additional 2% to your monthly payment for 100-199 pages per month, and another 4% for 200 or more pages per month.

       10. Are there any fines?

Yes, writers are fined for plagiarism, lateness, unreasonable retraction from an order, wrong style application, and poor language level.

        11. What are the paper requirements?

Each paper must demonstrate high quality of content, and meet the customer’s requirements 100%. The number of pages, topic, referencing style, and language level should comply with instructions the customer gives for any order. You must create original, non-plagiarized text, properly cite all references, set out a correct paper format, and submit on time.

         12. How do I choose a paper?

 A list of available orders is visible on your available page. Check the details keenly, upload the necessary files if any, and decide whether you have the capacity, skills, and time to complete the task before working on it. If you do, you can automatically take some orders, depending on the deadline and number of pages. Support staff selects the writer who is most likely to complete the order in a flawless and timely manner. The successful writer is notified via email, live chat or through a call.


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